2018 Launch Schedule

Flyers and spectators receive a safety briefing from
the Launch Control Officer.

2018 Launch schedule plans for 8 launch events this year

Launch dates are generally on Sunday's, but we may also combine the occasional Saturday for a two day launch.  This depends upon flyer demand and the availability of qualified members to operate the range.  The weekend following the launch weekend will be a backup weekend if a launch is cancelled due to poor weather.  Directions to the site can be found here.

The committee has been holding discussions about how to maximise our launch opportunities for the remainder of 2018. You may remember last year where August was the last launch we had, September was scrubbed due to weather, in early October the farmer was harvesting crops, and the last one in October was again cancelled due to the crop status, and the hay in the other field was to dry and flammable. I think we only had 3 launches in 2017.

We cannot guarantee similar circumstances will not happen again, and also a very dry early summer is forecast, which may end the season prematurely. We have therefore decided to make the following change to the way we schedule launches for the rest of the year:

• If a launch is cancelled, we will let the launch date continually roll back week-by-week until we get a favourable launch day.
• If the next favourable launch day is 1 week before the next scheduled launch, then we will not fly for a further 2 weeks from the successful launch day.
• Launches will still always be on a Sunday, although the scheduled 2 day events may still happen.

This of course may not suit everybody, but if we try and stick to a scheduled calendar arrangement we may not fly again this year. It will also be subject to us being able to get the airspace reserved and have enough qualified people on-site to manage the launch.

April 15th
Cancelled due to weather
May 6th

June 10th

July 1st

August 5th Cancelled due to weather
  12th Cancelled due to weather 
Cancelled due to weather 
September   2nd
October     6th-7th Possible 2 day launch
November 3rd-4th Possible 2 day launch


Next club non launch event - TBA

 To fly at a Tripoli Australia event you must meet the following criteria;

    • Be a current member of Tripoli Australia or be
    • Be a current member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association

Non-members of Tripoli Australia are welcome to attend launches.  Please contact Nat Callea if you're a 1st time spectator or participant.  

Launch Location

Our Serpentine launch site is located approximately 43km from Bendigo along the Lodden Valley highway.

For those heading out of Melbourne, drive to Bendigo, and then out through Eaglehawk along the Lodden Valley highway (B260), after approximately 30 mins (if your keeping within the speed limit :-)) start looking for a bridge over "Bullock Creek" 3.5km from this bridge you will see a cluster of trees, and on your right you will see a gate, you can enter through this gate and drive to the launch site. Please approach the site slowly as we all don't want to be covered in dust, and there maybe cables across the road.

If you miss this entrance 6.5km from the creek you will see another entrance to your right, drive in through here and then right out along the track past the harvester shed, follow the road along the edge of the field until it makes a right hand turn, continue to follow this until your reach the intersection, where you will find our range head.

If you continue down the highway and your reach "Serpentine" you have gone too far!