Flyers and spectators receive a safety briefing from
the Launch Control Officer.

2019 Launch schedule plans for 10 launch events this year

Launch dates are generally on Sunday's, but we may also combine the occasional Saturday for a two day launch.  This depends upon flyer demand and the availability of qualified members to operate the range.  The weekend following the launch weekend will be a backup weekend if a launch is cancelled due to poor weather.  Directions to the site can be found here.

• If a launch is cancelled, we will let the launch date continually roll back week-by-week until we get a favourable launch day.
• If the next favourable launch day is 1 week before the next scheduled launch, then we will not fly for a further 2 weeks from the successful launch day.
• Launches will still always be on a Sunday, although the scheduled 2 day events may still happen.

Sat Sun  
April  27th 28th
These dates have been pencilled in IF fire season is lifted early
May  4th 5th
June  1st 2nd

July   7th
August   4th
September   1st
October   6th

November   3rd IF fire season hasn't been declared by then

 Victorian Rocketry 2019 calendar.pdf - a handy calendar for you to stick on your fridge so everyone at home will know the dates

To fly at a Tripoli Australia event you must meet the following criteria;

    • Be a current member of Tripoli Australia or be
    • Be a current member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association

Non-members of Tripoli Australia are welcome to attend launches.  Please contact Nat Callea if you're a 1st time spectator or participant.  

Club non launch events

We'll again be having a number of guest speakers to talk to us about rocketry and related cool stuff. We'll be meeting at the Oakleigh/Carnegie RSL at 6:30 pm for dinner with the presentation to kick off around 7pm.

March  14th Esteemed member and CFA volunteer, Sascha Grant, will be speaking to us about fires and how to manage them 
May 9th Perhaps someone would like to give a presentation on Thunda 2019 highlights?! 
July  20th 50th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing.
There'll be a combined event with all the Victorian Rocketry clubs in the evening.Stay tuned for details! 
October  3rd  If you have an interesting topic you'd like to present, please let the committee know 

AGM - 21st November, 2019
The Club AGM will take place at the Spreadeagle hotel, 372 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121 opening business from 6:30pm